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Do you sometimes get tired of being glued to your laptop for hours finding and messaging leads on Facebook or overwhelmed keeping track on your leads because your Messenger Inbox is too messy?

You're not alone! 

We all want to enjoy our free time with our friends and family instead of being stuck in front of the laptop on the weekends searching for more leads and sales to make money.

Facebook organic marketing is definitely one of the best ways to target your dream customers, but it can be a pain without the right tools, especially as your business grows.

Some organic marketing tasks such as manually sending friend requests to targeted people in your niche and keeping track of all the people you had conversations with can be very time consuming.

But we need a constant stream of NEW traffic in order to increase sales for our businesses.

If you can't keep a consistent stream of traffic and leads coming into your business 24/7  and can't keep track of them properly...

Then you're leaving money on the table...

Your online business stops when you're not on your laptop.

There is no denying that fact…

This means we need to be constantly communicating with our targeted audience and growing our friend list, while maintaining a proper system to keep track of your leads.


There’s ONLY 24 hours a day

Every person has the same 24 hours a day. You and the best marketers on earth have the same amount of time each day. 

How we choose and make use of every second makes a difference. The better we can maximize every second of the day the faster our businesses can grow. 

There has to be a better way..


Of course there is...


The Marketers Social Accelerator's

ELMessenger Pro

(In Partnership with Cloudkii)

ELMessenger Pro is the ultimate all-in-one software tool suite that has been specially created for online marketers and business owners to help you boost your productivity and sales on Facebook.

All these without losing the all important personal touch. 

So that you can focus on the high priority tasks and spend more time on the quality leads that matter to drive your business forward or spend more relaxing time with the people you care about...

The Marketers Social Accelerator Brings 3 Boosters Into Your Organic Marketing Engine: 

It Has Never Been Easier To Generate Quality Leads and Organize Them Online!

Here's How ELMessenger Pro 


SO...Let Me Ask You...

How much is it worth to 10X your productivity AND Sales on Facebook??

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You Will Not Only Get Our All-In-One ELMessenger Pro Tool Suite,
BUT Also These Super BONUSES...

BONUS #1: Quick-Start Video Training Guide

We know you want to jump start your productivity. That's why we've provided this quick-start video training on how to set up ELMessenger Pro and use it effectively with simple strategies so that you can get results faster! 

BONUS #2: Industry Leading Support

We are fully supported by a professional software engineering company. As with any software, there can be hiccups from time to time when Facebook updates its code. 

The software is constantly being updated and upgraded
We offer chat support and will help you resolve any technical difficulties ASAP.

BONUS #3: Inner Circle Facebook Group 

Get to know fellow users and get inspired. Get access to where you can exchange strategies, and get additional help and resources for your success.

BONUS #4: Weekly Live Strategy Training + Q&A

Every week, there is live strategy training  inside the inner circle Facebook group which shows you in real time how to use the software, new strategies to reach your target audience faster and any updates we might be working on. You can participate live in the calls, ask questions and get any help you need. 

For a VERY limited time only, 

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  • ​Automate Your Outreach
  • ​Industry Leading Support
  • ​Quick-Start Video Training
  • ​Access To Inner Circle FB Group


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or $49.5 monthly
Billed Every 6 Months
  • ELMessenger Semi-Annual License
  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • Tag And Organize Your Contacts
  • ​Send Broadcast Messages
  • ​Automate Your Outreach
  • ​Industry Leading Support
  • ​Quick-Start Video Training
  • ​Access To Inner Circle FB Group

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Billed Every Year
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  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • Tag And Organize Your Contacts
  • ​Send Broadcast Messages
  • ​Automate Your Outreach
  • ​Industry Leading Support
  • ​Quick-Start Video Training
  • ​Access To Inner Circle FB Group

That's an incredible $1.36 a day* to turbocharge your productivity and for a few extra hours to spend with family and friends. 😱  Way cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

*Based on annual subscription

Before You Landed On This Page,

You Really Only Had 3 Choices...


Choice #1:

Do It Yourself

You can manually do all these organic marketing tasks alone; spending hours trying to message your leads and keep track of every conversation... and end up feeling frustrated, getting lost in your inbox.


Choice #2:

Hire a VA

You can hire a cheap virtual assistant online that may not understand your organic marketing strategy or it may even take ages to find the right one for your business...


Choice #3


Why do nothing and continue to leave money on the table? You have a new choice that can turbocharge your productivity and sales for your business to get more leads and sales even if you're enjoying time with your family and friends! 

NOW...The Smart Choice Is Here🤩...

Focus on the work that matters.

How Much Is It Worth 
To 10X Your Productivity and Sales?

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is The Marketers Social Accelerator for?
If you're an affiliate marketer, network marketer, consultant or even a course builder. As long your target audience is on Facebook, it doesn't matter what niche you are in. The Marketers Social Accelerator is for you. Even if you're not tech savvy, we have a video walkthrough to guide you through.

2) Is it difficult to use? I am not tech savvy...
There is video training walkthrough provided in our members portal on how to on how to use it and strategies on how to maximize its potential. If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out to our friendly support. 

3) Is this to be used on the PC and Mac only?
Yes, it only works on both PC and Mac on Chrome Browser. The Chrome extensions can't run on iPad, other tablets or smartphone.

4) Is there an affiliate program?
Yes there is.

5) What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of this software, there will be no refunds. We have implemented a 7-day trial period for $1 so that you can review the product.
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