Facebook Automation: A Must-Have Gamechanger For Organic Marketers
Facebook Automation: A Must-Have Gamechanger For Organic Marketers
Written by The Marketers Social Accelerator | 7 Sept 2021
If you're an affiliate marketer or network marketer, have you heard of marketing automation for organic marketing on Facebook but not quite sure why you should be using it?

After all, you can always save the money and do the work yourself.

What is Facebook Automation?

Firstly, automation basically refers to software or tools that take care of various marketing tasks for you by setting the bot or script to run after a certain pre-defined trigger action.

One familiar example is an email autoresponder. That's marketing automation we’re all familiar with. It sends a series of scheduled follow-up email to your audience.

In the case of Facebook automation, some of the functions available include automatically replying comments, liking posts and sending out friend requests in a group.

For example, imagine you have a Call-To-Action post. Instead of a replying every single person, you can run an automation to reply.

Or you can use automation to send personalized introduction welcome messages, and you can prioritize more time on follow-ups.

Automation is more than just a buzzword. It should play an important role in any organic marketer’s strategy.

The Benefits of Facebook Automation

1. You Can Save Time

The most obvious benefit of automation is that marketers can focus less on the smaller repetitive and probably time-intensive tasks and focus more on what matters most – such as strategizing content and building relationships and partnerships through networking.

Every minute counts. What if you could allocate more time to high value tasks?

2. Your Organic Marketing Efforts Continue Working 24/7

With automation, you can continue to build your marketing business 24/7, even while you are sleeping.

You can continue to reach out to leads, build your customer base and keep that constant stream of new traffic flowing even though you are away from your laptop if you have the right tools available.

As an organic marketer, your business need not stop working when you do.

You can reach more people in lesser time with lesser effort and that means increased online productivity.

3. Reduce Cost Of Hiring A V.A.

Hiring a virtual assistant is quite common for online marketers. They can delegate their less important and time extensive tasks to their virtual assistant to manage, while they prioritize other important things.

However, it may take ages to find the right fit for your business and may not understand your organic marketing strategy. All these factors done to time spent to find and train one for your business.

But what if the person quits after a while? The whole cycle repeats again.


Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about marketing automation is that it is an automated cash machine. You can turn on your marketing automation, walk away and chill out all day and expect the cash to magically appear in your account. It does not work that way.

The power of automation is all about optimization for your marketing efforts to maximize the time spent to get maximum productivity. 

Focus on the high priority tasks and get more time to spend with the people that matters...

So, what are you doing to cut down your time spent managing your Facebook presence? 

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