5 Golden Rules To Facebook Organic Marketing Every Marketer Should Know
5 Golden Rules To Facebook Organic Marketing Every Marketer Should Know
Written by The Marketers Social Accelerator | 25 Aug 2021
If you are selling a product or service on Facebook without spending a dime on ads (organic), then these are the 5 Golden Rules you must follow.

The 5 Golden Rules to Facebook Organic Marketing I’m revealing here has made me well over $100K. And if you follow these rules you will be well on your way to hitting your income goals online too.

Let’s get right to it...

Rule #1: 
Having The Right Mindset: Relationship First & Detaching From The Sale

Now I know you might be thinking, this mindset stuff is all BS. But the truth is most people fail online because they go head on without having the right mindset.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone before on Facebook and shortly after they just throw a link at you? Or maybe you might be just the one that’s spamming links as well?

If that’s you, it’s not your fault. I was doing that as well when I first got started online. The mindset you would need to have when having a conversation with people is about building relationships and detaching yourself from the sale. If they end up buying or NOT buying, it should not bother you.

Your main objective is to be their “trusted advisor” and understanding their fears, their dreams and aspirations in life and what’s holding them back from achieving it.

Rule #2: 
Finding And Attracting Your “Dream Audience”

Most people online struggle with “traffic”, finding an audience for their products or services. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. 

Thanks to Facebook Groups, we now can easily find our target customers.

Simply search the keyword of your product or service on Facebook and find a group for it. 

And...There you go.

Instantly, you can find a large number of people interested in what you do.

Is it just that simple? 

Not really. 

Most people would go ahead to add people in the group and start pitching them. But don’t be like most people. The key here is adding value in the Facebook Group and attracting people to you.

Adding value can be in many forms. 

Writing a long post sharing your insights or past experience. Replying to comments and helping people out. Sharing free resources in the group. The goal here is to add value and build up goodwill in the community. Naturally, people will start adding you and reaching out to you for advice.

Rule #3: 
Making offers on a daily basis

Many online entrepreneurs complain they aren't making enough sales. But what most people don't realize is they aren’t making enough offers. 

Your income would be directly proportional to the number of offers you make on a daily basis.

How do you expect people to purchase from you if they don’t even have your link in the first place? 

Now I’m not saying to be pushy for the sale. Remember Rule #1, it’s always about building the relationship first and not being attached to the sale.

Once you have positioned yourself as their trusted advisor, you are now simply just making a recommendation to them. It isn't “hard selling” anymore, like what most “gurus” out there teach. Trust me, people would be so thankful to you for helping them out too. Imagine having a prospect simply asking you for your link to make a purchase. That is exactly how it would be like if you build relationships with people first.

Making offers / recommendations can be as simple as “Hey, I noticed you mention that you have X problem… I might possibly have something which would really help you out. If you would like, I could shoot a link over for you to check it out.” No pressure at all.

Remember, make offers on a daily basis.

Rule #4: 
Have a Daily Method of Operation (DMO)

We are all made up of our habits and routines. Similarly to Facebook organic marketing, if you simply do things sporadically, then you would have sporadic results.

Having a checklist on exactly what to do on a daily basis is critical. Without it, you would be lost.

Here’s a sample of a checklist you could model for yourself:

- Writing a post in a Facebook group of target audience
- Writing a post in your own Facebook group
- Connecting with 10 new people
- Making 3 offers

Go ahead and create your own daily checklist now and make sure you follow it daily.

Rule #5: 
Group and List Building

One of the biggest mistakes Facebook organic marketers make is not building their “asset”. 

This is very common especially with organic marketers because they usually aren't building their following and email list. That list is precious. Keep following up on them because you never know when they may bite on your offer.

Always have something of value that you can give away for free in exchange for an email address so they can be a part of your world / community.

Final Thoughts

Back in 2020, I had my biggest day online and moments after my Facebook profile got shut down (thankfully I got it back after 2 weeks). That’s when it hit me in the head real hard of the importance of building an asset, something you own, an email list.

Stick to these 5 Golden Rules and you will see results in your Facebook organic marketing.

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