How To Dominate At Facebook Organic Marketing: A Marketer's Guide
How To Dominate At Facebook Organic Marketing: A Marketer's Guide
Written by The Marketers Social Accelerator | 1 Sept 2021

What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is the best way to establish your business online and convert potential customers into buyers.

Marketing can be split into two broad categories – paid and unpaid.

Organic marketing generally refers to the unpaid category. You’re basically maximizing your Facebook profile, group or page to generate and convert leads without the use of paid advertising.

There are no special skills required. You’re establishing yourself as an authority within your niche by providing valuable content. The content you publish, the interactions and engagements you have with your followers all determine the growth of your business.

In fact, it’s the best way to start generating sales without huge upfront costs.

It’s all about building connections. Your content is the bridge that connects your brand’s message to your audience. You’re drawing your audience in by providing the information they’re looking for. 

The Two Engines of Organic Marketing:


Content is the heart of any organic marketing strategy. It is through content that marketers communicate and engage with new leads and customers. So you got to be customizing the right content for your audience in order to engage with them.

Who is your ideal customer? 

Do you know who your ideal customer is? 

Do you understand their habits and behaviors, how they get information, know their pain points and have a way to solve them?
Once you have an answer to these questions, you can develop a more effective content strategy to meet these needs.

If you are able to connect with them and help them through your content, the better you can connect and engage with your audience. 

You'll build trust with your audience. They will also trust in your authenticity, be their go to person and engage with you.

On the other hand, if you’re creating content for the sake of filling space, you’ll drop out sooner or later. 

Facebook is continually looking at developing a better user experience. This means that the content on their platform need to engage meaningfully with users.

In order to sift through what gets priority on a user’s newsfeed, the Facebook algorithm is getting smarter and smarter. The algorithm prioritizes high performing content. 


The aim of organic marketing is all about building a relationship with your audience. As they engage with your content, your organic reach expands, and the scope of your audience increases.

Social media has definitely changed the way how brands communicate. It's very much a two way dynamic engagement. 

3 Ways Of Getting Traffic On Facebook

More organic reach = more traffic = more sales. Here are some organic marketing approaches on Facebook:

1) Using your Facebook profile

It's pretty normal to be checking out other people's Facebook profile to see what they do. Someone may see you in a group or commenting on a post and decides to check you out. It's free passive traffic. 

First impressions are important. With that, you can optimize your Facebook profile to take advantage of that free passive traffic. Your profile photo, cover photo and bio are the important areas to pay attention to. 

Your Facebook cover photo provides an opportunity to brand and market yourself and your services. Do make sure you add call to action (CTA) links in your description too!

So do make the most of it.

*Tip: It's good to change your Facebook cover photo every so often. Whenever you replace it with a new cover photo, news of this change gets published through the News Feeds of yourself and your followers. It's free publicity on newsfeeds at no cost.

2) Your Facebook Profile Post Feed/Timeline

This is your space for your content. Your content helps you build up your profile, increase your engagement and position yourself as the go-to person within your niche. If your audience can connect with your content, the better your engagement rate will be, especially when you post a call to action (CTA). 

3) Using Facebook Groups

Having your own Facebook group is great for branding purposes. You can use lead magnets to collect the emails of the people who join your group. You can also send traffic using any group posts you make.

You can also get traffic from other Facebook groups. Figure out which groups your target audience is hanging out. Add value to that group through posting good content and helping people out by replying to other people's questions or commenting on other people's post. 


When it comes down to it, organic marketing gives you more power to influence target audience's behavior. Your target audience is choosing to read or view your content, and you are building a personal relationship with each customer through your content.

If you've provided enough value, it's natural people will seek you out.

Having said that, it's understandable that there’s no fast track to results. Implementing an organic marketing strategy takes time and won’t boost your traffic overnight. 

If done correctly, organic marketing can accelerate your brand growth through a noisy digital space.

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